ethics.jpgTopics brought up were:

  • What does it mean to be ethical?
  • What are some do’s and don’ts?
  • Can there be any standard expectations?
  • Is unethical behavior caused in part by too many / not agreed on / unclear agreements?
  • How to negotiate compromises.
  • What if unethical behavior is an accident a few times / a lot of times?
  • How can the relationship move past unethical behavior? Are there consequences?
  • What are the motivations for an otherwise honest partner to be unethical?
  • Is unethical behavior abuse? When does it become so?

See some of our answers in the transcript or in the video and give us some of yours.

We also touched briefly on consent, what if partners are not equal levels of “out”, and the intricacies of Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell non-monogamous relationships. Generally it was agreed few expectations can be made without discussion which needs to be ongoing. One should try to create a history and atmosphere of safety and trust for partners. One’s strength can be drawn from self awareness, positive intent, and healthy self preservation. Join us next week as we discuss Relationship Dynamics.

On abuse, here is the google search for Houston resources and some that are very specific:

Google Search


Women’s Center

Gender Neutral Family Violence Unit

National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233



Author: Cody

I specialize in open, nonmonogamous relationships such as polyamory and swinging, alternative lifestyles such as kink / BDSM, LGBT+, and secular or alternative faiths such as paganism. Trying to live more freely and authentically can be hard. Some struggle feeling something is wrong with them. Some people have just been polybombed, the love of their life seeming to say they’re not enough. Others, having taken the leap can’t seem to stop fighting. Feeling isolated, scared, tired, and like they're going to lose everything. Take a moment to imagine your life as it could be in a few months. You are in love, all over again. With your partner, a new partner, yourself, and how you live. Accepted for who you are, allowed to love in a way that feels natural, you are excited about your new life. Coming into alternative worlds, I saw people go to amazing therapists who just didn’t understand. I watched friends spend the first few sessions teaching very experienced counsellors the vocabulary of their lifestyles. I believe you deserve a therapist that understands. If you live differently and want a therapist that can hear you, message or call me.

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