Jealousy and Compersion

wordcloudIn this week’s discussion we looked at:

  1. What is Jealousy? How does it compare to envy?
  2. Is there a difference in how we handle our own jealousy vs. a partner’s jealousy?
  3. What is compersion?
  4. What leads to either?
  5. What do they LOOK like, in one’s actions?
  6. Is jealousy every healthy or appropriate?
  7. Is compersion ever unhealthy or inappropriate?
  8. Is compersion needed?
  9. What to do when jealousy strikes / how to foster compersion?
  10. Can you unlearn jealousy / internalize Compersion?

Transcript & Video.

Author: Cody

Currently pursuing my second masters in education, I have a passion for fostering growth oriented community discussion on positive relationships.

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